How to Change Speedometer Gear of any Motorcycle

You will learn how to change speedometer gears, also known as worm gear or pinion gears. If your speedometer is not working, then you need to diagnose it first to know the reason behind it. The article in the description on how to diagnose the speedometer, if its, not working. If, after the diagnose you find out that the speedometer gears are faulty, then you should replace them.

The process of replacing the speedometer gears will be same for both if bike have disc or drum brake in front tire. First, you need to remove the speedometer cable. Mine comes off by rotating, may, vary in your case place. The speedometer cable aside open the front axle nut, then completely remove it. So you can take out the speedometer case.

This is speedometer gear case or gear box in every disc, brake type motorcycle. You will see this type of gear box in simple drum brakes type. You will see a hub brake cover which includes the speedometer gears system in it, but the gears – and there working is completely same in both type of motorcycles as disc or drum brakes in disc brake types. You will get whole speedometer box to replace and also the individual gears for replacing. You need to first remove the old gears and for that simply turn them and then pull the gear out with screwdriver.

This one is made of plastic and the other one where speedometer cable attached is made of metal in disc brake type motorcycle. Most of the time only this plastic gear gets wear off. Metal gear never gets bad and most of the time, these plastic gears are also fine. Just the metal drive plate gets bend and cause the problem. If this plastic gear gets wear off, then take it to the spare part shop and bring a new one for replacement.

Metal gear won’t go bad, but if you still want to change the metal gear, then let me tell you how to do that. There will be a lock which can be opened with the help of a screwdriver, and it will come off now. We need to remove the bush with the help of pliers and don’t hold from threads hold it from the edges, then rotate and at the same time pull it outwards and it will come out easily. There will be two washers on both end of the metal gear. So make sure they won’t misplaced.

This is metal gear which helps to rotate the speedometer wire and never wear off may be in rare cases. In my case, both gears are ok. I just remove them to show you how to replace them now i’ll clean everything. As you can see, i have clean the speedometer case and the gears too, you will get the idea how to change them. First, we grease the straight one then insert it.


You need to apply grease but remember not to apply too much now insert one washer on each side of the gear and do pay attention towards there shape then place. The gear then place the bush and press or hammer to make it fit to its position and place the lock and tight the screw. If you want, you can check if the gear is rotating or not, with the help of screwdriver, now apply the grease to the plastic gear from out side and inside too, but do not over fill. It place the gear to its position according to its shape, the edges parts should be outwards, wipe off any excess grease from the speedometer case, and now you should check by rotating the gears if they are working as they should or not mine working great. If everything is good, then install back the speedometer case on the front tire and then insert the axle and tight the nut.

In last, we install back the speedometer cable to the speedometer case and check if the meter works or not. So this is how you can replace the speedometer gears of your motorcycle if this articles is helpful, for you then give it a like do bookmarked the link to watch more upcoming articles. Thank you for reading.


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